Monday, 9 May 2011


Just back from tour of Ireland, crikey it was good.

I was supporting the excellent and generous  Jamie Lawson as well as playing piano and melodica in his band.  Here we are; Henrik (bass), Jamie, me and Dana (drums)

Tell you what:

A: Jamie is amazing and his support of me on this tour was beyond the call of duty, plugging me every chance he got, what a gent.

B: Ireland is brilliant for music, they properly listen. I loved it.

We had a ball with The Camper van festival and its lack of cigarettes, the incense lady and her tour of duty, the duck/swan/goose debate, a fight on a bridge, a sportgame, the worst kebab in County Clare, the shopping trolley incident, the locked room mystery, my gradual metamorphosis into Victoria Wood, 'Firebelly Vampire' for Christmas Number One and 'When is a Ferry Port not a Ferry Port'? But more of that later, for now just to say: THANK YOU IRELAND you are brilliant


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