Wednesday, 8 February 2012

How many Moses make a band?

It is 2012, 10 years since MOSES, the band I started with my brother David released our debut album ‘The Swimming Zoo’ .

Sometimes 10 years is a long time and sometimes it’s not. People got married and bred, music became essentially free, festivals became huge, gigs in London became pointless other than for fun (the good bit), our website disappeared and nobody at our old record label could tell me why or when even though I paid for it (that one still vexes me, can you tell?) but mostly the thing that a 10 year anniversary means for Moses is that we become a ‘heritage act’. This is great  for several reasons:

1: I don’t have to argue with all the other bands called Moses. We were called Moses, the albums are out there in the world under that name, the reviews in Q, NME etc said our name, the little CD rack divider in HMV said our name, it was our name, it’s past, it’s fact, I cannot change the past sorry other Moses bands.

2: We can do a 10th Anniversary tour.

3: I get to sing those songs again (and realise how bloody hard they were to sing and feel quite clever that I wrote half of them) and not concern myself about where anything is going, what it could become, who might be impressed or if somebody who knows somebody ‘in the industry’ thinks it’s good.  Never my cup of tea, possibly why we were so bad at it.

So there are some brilliant live dates. Moses being Moses of course not all of them involve every one of us. Me and Dave will be at all of them but the rest will be coming when they can, partners, babies, jobs and exotic other comitments permitting, we were always very good at making it work with however many Moseses we had.  I hope to see you there...

FRIDAY 10th February

The INSTITUTE in Kelvedon with special guest JAMIE LAWSON

SATURDAY 16th June

The Arran folk festival Isle of Arran

Tickets available nearer the time!/ArranEvents

SATURDAY 23rd June

Club Cotherstone, Co Durham

Tickets available nearer the time

SATURDAY 14th July

The Moorings, Hartlepool

Tickets available nearer the time  

FRIDAY 14th September

High Barn, Great Bardfield, Essex

more to come...


  1. I Agree with these beautiful pendants, these are slices from an agate geode with lots of sparkling druze crystals, The slice is has an attached bail. Inside the slice is a dangling natural point.
    Regards:- Sandeep Sharma

  2. Thanks Sandeep, I also agree with these beautiful pendants and am struck by their relevence to the reformation of a cult folk-pop band. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hilarious! Especially as I first read it as "beautiful pedants" which I never really had you and Dave down as. :)

  4. Any more new dates coming up? Solo or as Moses? Your live page is sadly empty