Sunday, 27 February 2011

indian john

I'm asked quite frequently why I  choose to release records under my own name instead of a 'band name'. The logic being that solo acts are often assumed to be one man with a guitar and thats not what I do.

Originally I sort of did, I was called 'Indian John' for a grand total of 4 gigs...

Influenced by the Canadian singer Hawksley Workman (real name Ryan Corrigan) I invented an entire back story for Indian John and got my sister to 'research' the fake historical figure I had created to give myself a name. The blurb for the website read like this (words By Karen Mosley) :

Those last two lines where the chorus of the eponymous song, never played since.

It's a cute story but I wasn't really that bothered about having a fake identity and I worried it would make people assume I was Indian myself, which seeing as I'm not, was a rather pointless idea.

In later years I toyed with calling my band 'The Lucky Bitches' (their suggestion), 'Electric Superman' (of which more elsewhere) and 'Pirate Radio' (of which much more some day soon...). I think I am still open to suggestions if you have any....

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