Sunday, 27 February 2011


'This is the Universe' was my and Johnny the engineers first attempt at integrating robot voices into my music. Its still a rough 'n' ready demo at the moment, I'll revisit it one day.

I am mildly obsessed with robots, and the auto-tuned vocals of popular, modern, young peoples music is actually probably my favorite thing about it.

We have since used robot voices a few times notably on 'Asteroids' (from 'Monkeys, Pigs and Wolves') and 'You saw the ocean' (from 'the romantic'). They just sound so friendly, I am always delighted to hear them.

There is a robot suite of songs still to record, 'Roboboy' may be familiar to live audiences, and I recently got very excited about the possibilities thrown up by doing something like this...

That clip is nothing to actually do with me of course, and I'd have to whack up some more weirdness in the music, but I like. And it has got me thinking....

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