Saturday, 26 February 2011


I love my ukulele, it's like playing your own heart (which sounds a bit rotten written down, shame).

When my genius harp playing pal Tom Moth got the call to be part of Florence's Machine I though hard about how to replicate his priceless contributions to my music. A virtuoso player, an otherworldly instrument, the  music of the spheres. Obviously some cack-handed ukulele by a complete novice is called for here.

I persevered, got a little bit better, liked it a lot and then a whole album grew out of it (2009's 'The ventriloquist'). It mixes strangely well with synths, has something of the lightness of touch of the harp, and it means you can get the bus home after gigs. It gets you free drinks, it gets you a certain romantic kudos and it apparently gets you laid up in Canada, result.

A lot of folks use them as a one off novelty but it really is a lovely instrument, especially the larger ones.
Here's my favourite (so far) of the uke songs 'Please don't turn away for me now'...

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