Sunday, 3 April 2011

Further adventures in the Swimming Zoo...

The Swimming Zoo was the first Moses album. The Swimming Zoo part 2 was the opening track of the 2nd Moses album.

I had a bunch of additional Swimming Zoo themed songs that I put up on the Moses website, under the name 'Further adventures in the Swimming Zoo'; sadly all gone now.

Kindly Super Fan Spiggie saved me a copy of this track '100 swans' recorded with my engineer friend Robin Howell. It is essentially my first solo recording, although it was within the Moses years its just me and its the first time the acoustic and electronic sounds mix together. Its a pretty good indicator of what was to come.

'The Swimming Zoo' is a place by the way. You'll have seen it if you have any of my album artwork... those bouncy hills and trees and landscapes full of monkeys and pigs and ventriloquists dummies and little skeleton men? Thats it right there.


  1. I still have those files: "Dead Americans", "Hands on Dream Baby", "Up Stood the Ape", "100 Swans", "Pigs and Monkeys" and "Heartbeats". To this day, I am particularly fond of "Dead Americans", "100 Swans" and "Hands on Dream Baby"...

  2. So do I! And I still play them. Dead Americans gives me goosebumps.