Sunday, 3 April 2011

Disco Pigs

In 2008 I made 3 x EP's 'Monkeyboy', 'Wolfboy' and 'Pigboy' : all using our new, exciting self sampling technique. They are no longer available but compiled on the 'Monkeys, Pigs and Wolves' album.

The nature of the compilation meant 2 songs had to be missed off. At the time I was all about curious pop, acoustic meets electro, rhythms and beats. So the saddest, prettiest song from 'Pigboy' got left off the compilation.

'Voltage' is about Sam 'Voltage' Voulters, now a stylist at Vice magazine, then a 17 year old model kind enough to myspace message me saying how much he liked one of my tunes.

The pictures on his profile showed a life a million miles from anything I had known when I was 17, constant parties, urban glamour, sex 'n' drugs 'n' no control. Got to be a song in that...

The original versions featured Tom's harp, brass and percussion made of newspapers but this version here is an exclusive alternative recording by Joe Peet, featuring my original piano demo and some very clever orchestral samples he built up. It is appropriately gorgeous.

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