Saturday, 2 April 2011

something good

I've never yet been recognizably featured in an advert, but I have tried lots of times.

The one I hoped would come off was an actual writing commission (rather than placing already existing songs) for Joe Peet and Eva Eden  ( me and Eva pictured above) and I worked on it together.

The pitch: A boy and girl sing an impromptu duet in a music shop. The brief for the song was incredibly specific, so i was flattered to be asked to write one.

The song had to:

Outline the boy and girl characters
be 60" long at most
be played on guitar and wurlitzer
feature a riff that the instruments could 'call and response' play to each other
include a short deliberately out of time drum solo in the middle
be a 'quirky' love song
have the girl repeat the boys lines in the 1st verse (we disagreed with this idea but were told it had to stay)
have a chorus

I think we did all of those things,  the one they used didn't. I think ours is better but then, thats just me.

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