Saturday, 2 April 2011

underneath aeroplanes

In 2007 I played a monthly residency at the Betsey Trotwood in Farringdon, East London. The twist was that every month I was joined by a different line up of musicians playing my music.

Tom the harp and Gav the drums where involved for almost all the shows and I spent a lot of time writing new arrangements for these one off gigs. We did a string quartet version, a brass version, a laptop version, a melodica chorus version and a little choir among other variations. It was great.

Here is a live re-working of 'Underneath Aeroplanes' from one of those gigs featuring :

Tom Moth on harp
Gav on percussion
Fiona Troon on bassoon
Katy Dent on violin
me on singing and concertina...

At the time the music at the Betsey was put on by Plum Promotions and so I met my excellent friend Sarah Thirtle  ( ) as well as then sound engineer, now my fiddle/bass player Joe Peet there.

I still play at the Betsey the last Thursday of each month as part of The Village Green Preservation Society an excellent free for all night put on by Piney Gir ( ) and Emit Bloch ( )... come on down some time... 

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