Saturday, 2 April 2011

The (Other) Romantic

Aww my little shiney Romantic lover.

'The Romantic' is a 'proper' record. I did the things you are supposed to do, namely:

Forget the 'theme' : choose your best dozen songs and record them as well as possible

Take your time: do a version, then do another version, then another

Take advice: you the artist are 'too close' to your record, get other peoples opinions before its finished and try and act on them

Polish it : don't think a 'charming' mistake is OK, if it sounds accidental, take it out

Use your best work: If an old song hasn't been heard by many people, put it on your new record...

I did all those things and low and behold, a lyrical theme bounced right back at me anyway and a musical theme came to the fore thanks to the excellent team who helped me build it. Lots of xylophone, lots of lady singers, lots of synths and processed sounds amongst the acoustic palate. It sounds BIGGER than my other records. Bolder, more cohesive and more... proper.

I love it of course but it could have been very different. The title track is now a Tom Waits-esque gently swinging ballad. Its great.  Prior to some utterly confused feedback form my inner circle, it sounded like this...

Also great I think but perhaps more of an acquired taste...

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